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Delhi, town and countrywide capital territory, north-important India. The town of Delhi clearly includes  components: Old Delhi, with inside the north, the ancient town; and New Delhi, withinside the south, because 1947 the capital of India, constructed withinside the first part of the 20 th century because of the capital of British India.

One of the country’s biggest city agglomerations, Delhi sits astride (however in the main at the west financial institution of) the Yamuna River, a tributary of the Ganges (Ganga) River, approximately one hundred miles (one hundred sixty km) south of the Himalayas. The countrywide capital territory embraces Old and New Delhi and the encircling metropolitan region, in addition to adjoining rural areas. To the east, the territory is bounded with the aid of the country of Uttar Pradesh, and to the north, west, and south it's miles bounded with the aid of the country of Haryana. has such a great collection of photos related to Delhi's culture and tradition. We are provide  best quality stock photos of Handsome indian boys with sunglasses, cute indian girl, free indian stock images, HD Indian stock photos, indian stock photos free download, indian college girl, stylish boy image, College girl photo, indian cute girl photo, a smart indian boy, a indian female student, indian currency photos, indian stock drawing, Indian HD Images etc.

Festivals In Delhi

Any common day looks like a competition in Delhi. Like any competition, the town is chaotic. It’s loud. And you’re very likely to get caught in traffic. But at some stage in real fairs, just like the holi birthday party in Delhi or any famous meals competition in Delhi, the town places on its first-rate get dressed to appeal to you. And fairs in Delhi are plentiful. Almost all elements of the 12 months, you’ll discover a motive to step out and dive deep into the celebrations. Even in case your house already has the power and exhilaration of competition, with extraordinary cool occasions and lip-smacking meals. Like one of the Stanza Living houses in Delhi. That’s okay, we won’t get jealous in case you ditch us to spend time absorbing the town’s competition culture. In fact, we inspire it. Why else could we prepare this listing of the pinnacle fairs in Delhi for you? So exit and have fun your coronary heart out. We’ll have mild and wholesome meals geared up for you the following day (after a night of heavy eating, you’ll want it).


Diwali is the grandest competition celebrated in Delhi. Every 12 months around October or November, the town is decorated with a gazillion earthen lamps. With rangolis. And with purchasing markets stoning up anywhere just like the famed Dilli Haat INA Diwali Bazaar. 


Eid comes round two times 12 months, as Eid-Ul-Fitr and Eid-Ul-Adha. And the first-rate location to go to in Delhi at some stage in Eid – on each occasion – could be Jama Masjid. Actually, the complete Purani Dilli. You and your roomies may want to pass for a gargantuan dinner party in Chawri Bazar for the most effective hundred bucks (no kidding!).


Let’s simply say, holi in Delhi is absolutely, we mean, REALLY exciting. You can go to one of the essential Holi events just like the Holy Moo competition. Or simply discover a few organizations in your nook of the town. Either way, there’ll be masses of color. And – perhaps even extra importantly – plates upon plates of gujiya.


If you google “Delhi well-known competition”, Navratri is probable to pop up on the pinnacle. During the 9 days of the competition, an exclusive shape of Goddess Durga is worshiped every day. Moreover, the Gujarati network hosts dandiya (dancing with adorned wood sticks) applications in the town.


If you ask any Dilli Wala about fairs, they’ll in all likelihood speak about Dussehra in Delhi. It is widely known on the 10th day of Navratri. On this day, effigies of the ten-confronted demon ‘Ravana’ and his demon brothers are burnt to indicate the victory of appropriateness over evil.

Durga Puja

If you need to move pandal-hopping at some stage in Durga Puja, CR Park has a whole lot of those. Also, after you’re all worn-out and hungry, have a wealthy Bengali thali in one of the eateries there. It’s called ‘mini Bengal’ for a motive, you know. And in case your roommate cribs an excessive amount of approximately the spice, simply shove a Rasogolla into their mouth, cool?

Guru Nanak Jayanti

Guru Nanak Jayanti celebrates the delivery anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev. It’s one of the fairs wherein you don’t have to fear any noise or the same old commotion. But instead, you could go to a Gurdwara just like the Bangla Sahib Gurudwara in Connaught Place.


Lohri is a Punjabi harvest competition celebrated on the longest day of winter. It is widely known for dancing around a bonfire. And with the aid of throwing sesame seeds or ground nuts in it. But you may have already accomplished this in your tenting trips, haven’t you? But without the loud music (we hope).

Independence Day

Independence Day is widely known to mark India’s freedom from British rule. You can regularly see hordes of bikers with the countrywide flag dashing through the town on Independence Day. If the movie ‘Fast and Furious’ turned into every shot in India, it’ll in all likelihood appear to be this. Coz brown dad and mom will allow you to do something so long as it’s at some stage in a competition or whilst you’re being patriotic. Duh!

Republic Day

Republic Day is the most well-known competition in Delhi. It’s famous for its grand parade organized in Rajpath. The parade is executed with the aid of the Indian defense force and observed with the aid of a themed tableau made with the aid of every country. 

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